African Diaspora Special Edition Crowns

African Diaspora Special Edition Crowns


Feminist KILLJOY Club put out a call for collaborators to create crowns that recognize the African Diaspora in the United States. Teka-Lark Lo of BLK GRRRL Book Fair responded.

Free Black Women

Feminists who are Black have often put themselves last and sacrificed for men and women of all races. Teka-Lark Lo wanted to celebrate the women who have sacrificed, but also the women who did put themselves first. In Lo’s mind the final frontier for Black women is agency; "The agency to be whoever we as Black women want to be".

We Were Always Free

Teka-Lark Lo of BLK GRRRL Book Fair writes; “We Were Always Free” is in reference to the Africans who were kidnapped by Europeans from Africa between the 15th and 19th centuries during the Atlantic slave trade and brought to the Americas. The African diaspora has gone by many names. The African diaspora has gone by the name slave, colored, negro, Afro-Cuban, African-American, mulatto, Puerto Rican and Haitian, but in the end we will always be who we were before we were stolen and brought to places like the United States, Haiti and Brazil-- Free Africans.

Remember Sojourner

Brooklyn, NY producer Todd Robinson reached out to Feminist KILLJOY Club with a clear message he wanted amplified onto a crown.

"imagine a black woman born into slavery, who would go on the become and abolitionist & a women's right activist. that is true courage." 

This special edition crown celebrates the life of Sojourner Truth and reminds us that women like her are the faces of America's greatness.

Proceeds go to Brooklyn Community Services

Photography @erinpatriceobrien


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